Tea Time Together - Book

Now available, TEA Time Together, a 57-page book providing an overview of tea history, production, selection, tea terminology, etiquette, and easy recipies for hospitality. Available at irenes-teas.com and Amazon.com.

ATEIThe American TEA Education Institute (ATEI.PRO) is offering an online Certified Tea Consultant Course.

Teas are a very special commodity and experience. We import teas largely from China, Sri Lanka, and India. Our Master Tea Blender visits the estates before selecting our teas. We will work with our importer and tea blender to make your own tea spectacularly yours.

It is important to us that the tea estate village maintain human rights, dignity and services for the people. We will feature only these teas in our shopping cart.

We are pleased to present our private label tea selections available online.

Note: Restaurants and Tearooms who wish to have a signature tea developed please contact, Irene Nielsen, Certified Tea Consultant under the contact us form.

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