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Jewelry Art

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Welcome to the joys of sharing my one-of-a-kind jewelry, made with you in mind. The sensuous colors and feel of stones, gems, precious, and base metals, metal clay, and sculpted polymer clay creations are a part of sharing my thoughts with you. On a limited basis, I may be available for creations for special occasions. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Jewelry Art
  • Artfully made jewelry is much more than following a route pattern. The design emerges and sometimes is re-constructed as a pencil artist might use an eraser to improve contour and perhaps drama.
  • I would love to provide all precious metals and gemstones, but I realize we share a responsibility of the statement of wearable art with affordability. I have tried to present choices so that all wearers may feel special and pampered.

Why Art
    Why art
  • Art is a foundation of comfort and communication. Wearable art takes the gallery with you to share at the office, the evening, or out with friends.
  • Art is the visual connection between your consciousness and the world around you. You both take in the sensory impact and share outwardly to balance the energies.
  • Gemstones have traditional meanings from history….Please visit for interesting myths and details.
Jewelry Showcase Dates
  • Lindsborg: September 26 – 27, 2019
  • Lindsborg – November 16 – 4pm – 8pm (Club member preview 11/15)

Be Kind...
    Be Kind
  • Special occasions connect you with others, thoughtfully.
    • Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, and any congratulatory occasion.
    • Kindness is reciprocated. Gift Certificates are a way of sharing but staying on your budget.
    • Lighten your world and a friend's world by remembering. WE SHIP ANYWHERE. We can also giftwrap and include your special note.
  • Jewelry of your choosing is a way of sharing in an office setting or amongst friends and family. If you chose it, it is an expression of your kindness.

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