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  • Featuring rotating exhibits and regional art for sale. The gallery includes a consignment sales gallery of local artists, a gift shop, and a collection of paintings for sale. The gallery offers workshops in various art media throughout the year and serves as a meeting place for artists, musicians, and other members of the community. The gallery is housed in a building established in 1883 as a carriage factory and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • City of Lindsborg, KS
  • Experience a special blend of history and culture in Lindsborg. Old World charm springs from rich Swedish heritage. Unique shops and restaurants, museums, art galleries and working studios, cultural and ethnic events, great places to stay, and lots of friendly people await you in Lindsborg.
  • Historical Echoes
  • Featuring performances in authentic first person, in costume. Discussions can be held after the performance both in character and as a scholar out-of-character. Educational and valuable opportunity for corporate office programs, organizational meetings with discussions, public and private venues, educational facilities to experience and learn authentic historical persons.
  • RoJean Loucks, Harpist
  • ENCHANTING MUSIC for your wedding to private lessons. Offering a special collection of performance and educational services - harp music for the soul.
  • Since 1949, The Hutchinson Art Center has educated, promoted and encouraged artists in Kansas. We support the fine arts and all the ways creativity enriches life.

    The Hutchinson Art Center collects, preserves, documents, and interprets American and European art of the 19th-21st centuries and facilitates the commercial success of contemporary artists.

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